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It is always a treat when you get to go inside the mind of the Dark Knight – the legendary vigilante and ‘detective’ of Gotham City, who is mostly known for instilling fear in the hearts of villains and saving good people.

Tom Taylor’s “Batman: The Detective” hooks you into the narrative with a ringside view of Bruce Wayne’s frail psyche in his twilight years.

The Gotham City detective moves out of his home turf to conduct an investigation of a crashed passenger aircraft, with Batman’s name scribbled at the crash site along with the number of casualties in the crash: 147.

A flashback sequence as rendered by Kubert and Anderson

It is an extremely intriguing premise where Batman goes on to discover that a group of white-cowled villains are killing off the very people he had saved in his career as a crime-fighter.

This discovery, coupled with the fact that Batman’s own stream of superconsciousness considers the people he saved as the only redeeming aspect in his lonely life, make for an exciting story indeed.

The artwork by Andy Kubert and colours by Brad Anderson evoke a Victorian essence that is supplemented by the Dark Knight travelling from the Moors of Lancashire to Paris. The presence of the ghost of a Victorian wayfarer doesn’t hurt either.

Two issues in, the six part mini series is shaping up to be a cracker and I am eagerly looking forward to the next issue.

The Victorian essence pervades the series

Granted, the title isn’t quite justified since Bruce doesn’t do any actual detecting. The quaint charm of bagging and collecting evidence and inferring solutions from clues are sorely missed among these pages.

However, this is also a series which finally gives Alfred Pennyworth his rightful spot in Bruce Wayne’s life, when Bruce unequivocally states that he considers Alfred to be a second father, and remarks that his death made him an orphan for the second time in life.

The cover of issue #2

For my part, I am loving this adventure with Batman and The Squire and am excited to find out who is threatening to undo all of Batman’s good work. She calls herself Equilibrium. But really, WHO is she?

Highly recommended

Rating: 7.5 / 10

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