Current Issue

The Summer 2019 issue of CultureCult Magazine is out now!

The cover story of CultureCult Magazine’s 12th issue is an essay on H.P. Lovecraft and the concept of ‘time’ in his expansive body of work, penned by Felice Picano. This issue is also graced by a a loving ode to Marilyn Maye, written by Pam Munter. Lynda Pritchard Newcombe puts her years of working as a language instructor to pen as she discusses why it is a good idea to start learning a foreign language, while Marsha Mittman enthralls readers as she jots down her strange and wonderful spiritual experiences in a deeply personal essay.

CultureCult Magazine also features a sumptuous literary spread that includes seven pieces of fiction, ranging from the heartwrenching “Murray – A Love Story” (by Jay Shepherd) to the harrowing “Echoes of Silence” (by Edward Ahern). Issue #12 also features the work of eight contemporary poets from around the globe.

As always, CultureCult Magazine features paintings of renowned artists such as Claude Monet, Simeon Solomon, Jon Sell Cotman and Joseph Wright of Derby.

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