I Cast You Out – Possession Stories

PulpCult’s debut collection of fiction “I Cast You Out!” features 27 possession stories by 27 authors from around the world.


An exorcism was done on Audrey when she was a teenager. Now, she can’t sleep thinking she committed a murder next door. Can Dr. Saal cure Audrey of her ‘disorder’?

Madge & Bill have moved into a new house after their triplets are born. Is the house haunted or are the triplets trying to kill their mother?

Dr. Eliot believes that Trevor’s is the true possession. He is adept at all languages of the Antichrist and possesses the grasp of all matters unearthly.

Every time a young couple eats the produce from their newly purchased plot of land, they have deathly nightmares. What is the mystery of Plot 264?

Clarence is committed to a mental facility after his dark passenger “Billy” brutally attacks a supermarket clerk. Can the mental facility help Clarence, or is Billy something more than a personality disorder?

After the cruel Charles Walker dies, a Sin Eater is brought in to absolve the dead man’s sins. Young Robert is fascinated by the Sin Eater but his curiosity soon turns to terror!



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