It’s All In My Mind – Psychological Thrillers

Darkness takes on countless faces in the thrilling pages of “It’s All in My Mind,” an anthology curated by Jay Chakravarti, published from CultureCult Press. Within its unsettling covers, 39 authors have whipped up 44 spine-tingling short psychological thrillers that will make you think twice about what you consider real and what you don’t, as the maddening seed of insanity creeps into your psyche.

A military man plagued by multiple personalities, each more sinister than the last, asserting for final dominance.

A murderer with dual personas entangling a psychiatrist in a deadly dance of deception.

A cursed mirror reflects not just your image, but the horrors lurking beyond your reality.

Venture deep into the fractured psyche of a kamikaze pilot, and witness the harrowing descent into his life’s purpose.

Unearth the terror of the fallen who commit unspeakable crimes, and are tormented by the relentless reminders that lurk in the most innocuous places inside their minds.

“It’s All in My Mind” is an odyssey into the darkest corners of the human mind, where reality and nightmares entwine, and the line between sanity and madness blurs. Brace yourself, dear reader, for the relentless menagerie of madness is beckoning you to come visit. Welcome!

Authors featured in It’s All In My Mind:

LJ Jacobs, Stephen A. Roddewig, Rhys Hughes, Dawn DeBraal, R.G. Evans, Arun Hariharan, Denise Johnson, Tony Domaille, Fariel Shafee, Cheryl Zaidan, Olivia Arieti, Nancy Malcom, Shawn Phelps, Dafuus Catherine, Jacek Wilkos, Jonah Jones, Robb T. White, Ken Goldman, Suzanne Burdon, Mintako Datti, Astrid Egger, Sean Sullivan, Naomi Nair, L P Gale, Stephen F. Ash, V. Rashmi Rao, LaVern Spencer McCarthy, Lori D’Angelo, Austin Crawley, Rodney Hatfield Jr., Dibyasree Nandy, J. Weintraub, Lawrence Dagstine, Amanda Evans, Arón Reinhold, Anna Ross, Christopher T. Dabrowski, Martin Eastland, Jay Chakravarti


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