Memento Mori – Horror Stories

In the shadowed corners of existence, there is a whisper, a shiver, an echo of a timeless reminder: Memento Mori.

Pulpcult dares to tread where light fears to linger, compiling a chilling anthology that speaks the ancient adage across two haunting volumes, “Remember The Dead” and “Rest in Peace.” Curated by Jay Chakravarti, the founder of CultureCult, this collection brings together 57 tales of terror from a global lineup of both seasoned and emerging storytellers. Each story is a thread in the tapestry of the ultimate truth—our mortality.


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MEMENTO MORI: REMEMBER THE DEAD features 29 Stories by the following authors: B.F. Vega, Bissme S, C. S. Dines, Daniel DiQuinzio, David Estringel, Dawn DeBraal, Edward Ahern, Eric Reitan, Fariel Shafee, Gary R Batchelor, J Q. Salazar, Jacek Wilkos, Kevin Novalina, Kirsti Sandy, LaVern Spencer McCarthy, Lawrence Dagstine, Lucy Simms, Matt Martinek, Michael Paige, Olivia Arieti, Pamela Peters, Samuel Mabbitt, Satakshi Pandey, Shane Simmons, Stephen A. Roddewig, Sukie Shinn, Tiffany Buck, Val Roberts, William J. Connell

MEMENTO MORI: REST IN PEACE features 28 Stories by the following authors: Arun Hariharan, Caitlin A. Quinn, Daniel DiQuinzio, David Estringel, Dejan Sklizović, Dibyasree Nandy, E. W. Farnsworth, Fares A. Al-Hammzani (Translated by Essam M. Al-Jassim), Fariel Shafee, Frances Howard-Snyder, Gina Anderson, Ivan Richardson, J. Agombar, Jay Chakravarti, Jools G King, Joshua Williams, Lilse Asalt, Paul O’Neill, RJ Meldrum, Rob D. Smith, Robb White, Robert McDermott, Rod Haden, Rp Verlaine, Surendra Singnar, Tom Folske, Ummul Banin, William Couper

With contributions from a worldwide array of authors, each story in “Memento Mori” is a unique meditation on the end that awaits us all. These tales will haunt you, comfort you, and remind you to live with the end in mind. Because to forget death is to forget the value of life itself—so remember, and let these stories be your guide.

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