PulpCult Submission Call

PulpCult by CultureCult invites Lovecraftian fiction submissions for publication in its anthology “Eldritch Encore“.


PulpCult is thrilled to announce an open call for submissions for our upcoming anthology, “Eldritch Encore.” We are seeking original short stories inspired by the cosmic horror and eldritch themes of H.P. Lovecraft. This anthology aims to explore the depths of the unknown, blending terror with wonder in the vein of Lovecraftian fiction.

What We’re Looking For:

  • Unique takes on Lovecraftian themes: ancient deities, cosmic horror, the fragility of human sanity against incomprehensible truths, and the eerie blend of science fiction and horror.
  • Stories that pay homage to Lovecraft’s style while weaving in contemporary issues and diverse perspectives.
  • We encourage submissions from writers of all backgrounds, especially those whose voices have been historically underrepresented in the genre.

Come up with your own story or take inspiration from one of our writing prompts below:

  1. A private detective in the 1980s investigates a series of bizarre murders in a coastal town. The clues lead to an ancient cult that worships an otherworldly entity slumbering beneath the sea.
  2. A space crew in the far future, discovers an ancient, derelict alien spacecraft. Inside, they find strange artifacts that hint at a civilization that had contact with terrifying beings from beyond the stars.
  3. A group of scholars uncovers a hidden library with forbidden texts that speak of ancient gods and their dark rites. As they delve deeper, they start experiencing eerie visions and supernatural phenomena.
  4. A modern-day psychiatrist treats a patient with a unique and unsettling condition: he claims to be haunted by strange, otherworldly dreams after he came in contact with a burning purple meteor in his grandpa’s remote farm.
  5. In a secluded mansion, a young heir discovers his family’s dark legacy tied to an ancient pact and a missing ancestor. His quest to unravel the truth leads him to a romantic tryst with a mysterious visitor who harbours a dark secret.
  6. A professor of applied physics at the Miskatonic university believes he has figured out how to travel in time. The faith he has in his machine is only matched by the pleasure he finds in discussing his invention with the stunning Egyptologist Prof. Alice Redmayne.

PLEASE NOTE that this is an anthology on a specific THEME. ONLY those pieces featuring Lovecraftian themes shall be considered for publication.


Short Story: (between 1500-8000 words) Send no more than ONE short story

Flash Fiction: (between 100-1500 words) Send no more than TWO flash fictions

We are accepting TRANSLATED WORKS as well. Submission of translated works must be accompanied by a statement declaring that the translator has obtained the author’s permission and their publisher’s, if required.

Simultaneous Submissions are welcome but the author must inform us by e-mail as soon as the submitted piece is accepted elsewhere. Pieces cannot be withdrawn once CultureCult Press informs the author of its acceptance for publication.

We consider reprints but generally do not publish them unless they are absolutely exceptional.

​​At present, we are unable to pay our contributors.

Each contributor shall receive a COMPLIMENTARY DIGITAL COPY of the anthology as soon as it publishes.

Manuscripts should directly be sent to PulpCultSubs@gmail.com

Emails must have the subject line “Submission for LOVECRAFT

Each piece MUST be attached with a short bio (preferably within 100 words) and, if possible, a photograph of the author to go along with publication.

Please submit your files in the following formats: .doc /.docx /.txt. DO NOT submit PDFs. 


CultureCult Press uses non exclusive rights to publish in its anthologies and website. Authors are free to republish their work anywhere else once it has been published.

Please submit only original pieces. CultureCult Press or the editor/s of the anthology shall not be responsible for any disputes arising out of plagiarism or copyright infringement.

NOTE: We typically reply within a month after receiving submissions. However, replies can be delayed under unforeseen circumstances.